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Eats scissors and stabs with paste.

Premises before conclusions or shut the fuck up.

i'm going to be on fucking youtube again
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Freedom of speech, motherfuckers.

This comment not related to the above statement, read it anyway: All of my fic posted before July 1st, 2009 will have a "caveat lector" policy. Some of it does carry specific warnings, some of it does not; without a consistent policy, I don't feel comfortable advertising any of it as a safe space. Contact me and I'll do my best to fill in the blanks, but ten years of fandom plus half a million words a year is a hell of a lot of words.

All of my fic posted after July 1st, 2009 will contain a variation of the following as a part of its header boilerplate: "CONTAINS: X, Y, Z, please contact me if you need or want more information." I have a bad habit of crouching on PMs like Gollum, but I'll do my best to answer any PMs or emails just as soon as possible.

My friending policy: Since entering my newest fandom, there has been a notable uptick in brand-new, completely blank journals friending me. Due to some troubling attention from troubling people coming down on me and my friends, I have gotten much more conservative about friending people back. If you're looking for fic, everything from the past year and a half or so can be found here. I try to keep fannish posts open, but I had to lock down the entire journal briefly some weeks ago, and I've been here for eight years; I frankly don't have the time or the energy to go back and re-lock every single personal post that I've made since then. If you're following a link or half a rough idea of which post you're looking for, PM me and I'll unlock it for you. Otherwise, I'm sorry, it's not personal, but it's not up for discussion, either. H8ers to the left.

Who else is love?
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