February 5th, 2013


And this happened.

Tuesdays are court days, so the interview rooms are crowded and I have to take my client to a room out of the sight-line of both reception and security. It is not, however, so crowded that the rooms to either side of me are occupied. (This is relevant because all interview rooms have clear partitions so people can see in and intervene if a caseworker gets in trouble.)

The client has mentioned previously that he was in prison for a few years. A lot of my guys have prior felonies, actually, so I'm all, "That's not a deal-breaker...*chatters on for several minutes about options and felon-friendly companies that still offer decent wages*."

CLIENT: I forgot to tell you! I'm a violent sex offender.

ME: ...you don't say.

CLIENT: Honesty's the best policy, right?

Yeah, after going back upstairs, I looked him up and discovered he has convictions for rape in the first degree and forcible oral sodomy. The next person to say that state workers are overpaid gets socked right in the mouth.

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