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Eats scissors and stabs with paste.

Premises before conclusions or shut the fuck up.

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I'm still in fandom, marginally.
Have some Avengers recs:

He's Not Heavy (He's Our Villain). I recced this fic in a flail-glee to Aud, but once we stopped and talked about it, we really liked it for the exact same reasons: it takes Loki's redemption slowly, it doesn't let him get away with shit, but it's so lovely and graceful all the same. (Darcy really is a character I think very capable of dispensing grace without tolerating woobie bullshit. It's her fantastic wheelhouse when she's a secondary character, and this fic tos-and-fros about who is the primary protagonist a lot.) I really do love stories wherein someone sees the possibility in another person before they realize it themselves, and thus it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The Last Great Border Town Hotel. Clint and Natasha backstory, from Nat's POV. Very lovely and unsparing. I really like how Avengers-fandom has taken this unflinching tone with Natasha; it emphasizes that she didn't woobie her redemption, that motherfucker was earned. (Clint is her self-fulfilling prophecy.)

The Stories That Stay With You. OH, THOR, YOU ARE THE SWEETEST-EVER THING. In which Thor reads LotR. He's not stupid, he's not even really brash, he just...does everything with his entire freaking soul. When he loves you, he doesn't give up.

though you know so few words. Bucky, post-Winter Soldier, feels himself around the Avengers who don't have history with him. Insightful and spare.

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