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Eats scissors and stabs with paste.

Premises before conclusions or shut the fuck up.

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Still hanging in there.
Reading a lot of Avengers fic. Here are some of the notables:

The Hangman's Hands. Long, plotty (23 chapters left to go!) fic from Jane's POV. Thor and Loki make it halfway to Asgard, only to get chucked right back down again, so Jane's building a scientific way to travel between worlds like Loki does with magic. The author's characterization is so good and unflinching, and yet her tags make me squeak and flail in anticipation. It's all I can do not to spend the rest of the day refreshing. EDIT: Since AO3 is having fits, here's an alternate link to the fic on FF.net.

(he is not his) Brother's Keeper. Part of her Folkin' Around universe (which diverts from Avengers canon). Loki and Thor, continuing to work on their issues.

They're the ones that make it all worthwhile. Steve/Loki, from one of my favorite writers of the ship.

Make or Mar. Sharp, hurts-so-good look at Clint immediately after the movie.

And I'm going to go leave comments on all of these, just as soon as I get my AO3 password sorted out.

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