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Eats scissors and stabs with paste.

Premises before conclusions or shut the fuck up.

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Nikita S2 Finale

I will have massive, massive thoughts on Nikita* and how EPIC her emotional process over the hour was. And also how adorable I find it that Sean is the adorably emotional one in Alex/Sean.

But for the moment? Birkhoff** and Sonya have spent nearly a season dancing about each other, I loved how OTT and ridic their final first kiss actually was. Oh, it's going to end badly, y'all, I have a feeling, and yet. *chinhands for the nerd love*.

Good show, show, considering that you filmed it thinking it would be your last and hoping that it wouldn't be. That was awesome.

*Letting Percy drop to his final fucking death was so satisfying, no matter how much Maggie Q and Xander Berkley played off each other. And Ryan as the potential Nu!Percy is just gutting. I apologize for all of the ways that I disparaged his character. Well done, sir.

**WHEN DID I HAVE ALL THE BIRKHOFF FEELS, but: he handles redemption through other people, much the way that Nikita does, and thus I LOVED his strange gentleness with Sonya throughout this season, especially since Lyndie Greenwood has made it clear that Sonya is not Birkhoff, even a little bit. She has her own arc, but they interact and complement in interesting ways.

I should be all "Noooo, Bonnie, find the liiiiiiiight!" over Bonnie going Dark Phoenix, but dude: the light has dicked Bonnie over, and Kat Graham is AMAZING when she's playing starkly, dangerously furious. I am intrigued, y'all. And yet, have been dicked over before.

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